Facilitates lactose digestion

High lactase concentration

EPAPLUS Digestcare


  • 9,000 F.C.C. units of lactase
  • Lactic ferments (B. coagulans / S. boulardii)
  • Chamomile

Problems metabolising lactose?

Forget about them!

Epaplus Digestcare LactoPro provides lactase, the enzyme responsible for the hydrolysis of lactose.
It is a product that promotes the metabolism of lactose and contains an exclusive formula with 9,000 F.C.C. units of lactase (formula forte).

It also contains chamomile extract, which promotes digestive comfort, as well as lactic ferments, (B. coagulans / S. boulardii) which rebalance the intestinal flora.

Lactose metabolism

Good habits

People with lactose-related disorders should limit their dietary intake to a lesser or greater extent. Lactose is the main sugar present in milk and milk products.

Some people have difficulty digesting it and may experience discomfort.
This is due to a low amount of the enzyme lactase in the digestive tract, which is responsible for its metabolism.
Lactose, in addition to being part of dairy products, can be found as an additive in many processed foods. So we recommend that you always read the label.