Digestive discomfort?

Nip it in the bud!

Comprehensive digestive well-being

Regulates - Protects - Detoxifies - Rebalances intestinal flora


Digestive comfort

Lactic Ferments

B. coagulans / S. boulardii


B1, B2, B6 and B12


Controls heartburn

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Rebalances intestinal flora

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Promotes the breakdown of gluten

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Facilitates the digestion of lactose

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Regulates and detoxifies the intestinal tract

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Eliminates gases

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Digestive Health

Digestive well-being helps us maintain a good quality of life. Intestinal imbalances, heartburn or disorders related to gluten metabolism, for example, can ruin much of our daily lives, and be the main source of our concerns.

To prevent this from happening, Epaplus Digestcare has developed a range of food supplements designed to regulate, protect and rebalance our digestive system, helping it metabolise gluten and lactose, eliminate gases and heartburn, and avoid intestinal disorders or imbalances.

Remember that a healthy and balanced diet is the basis for a healthy life full of vitality, meaning you should pay attention to your habits and routines, in the same way you take care of everything else. It's the best way to eliminate digestive discomfort from the root.