Without materials of animal origin

EPAPLUS Arthicare

Pineapple flavor

  • Collagen Amino Acids 6,27 g
  • Pea vegetable protein 1,81 g
  • Silicon 20 mg
  • Hyaluronic acid

Epaplus Arthicare Vegetable

Based on amino acids from Collagen and vegetable protein

1. The selected amino acids are those that make up the collagen molecule and have shown greater bioavailability in the body. This information was collected in the study by Ohara * et al., where the most abundant peptides with the highest bioavailability were analyzed after ingesting collagen from different sources.

2. Vegetable protein of the pea (Pisum sativum), selected for its nutrional value and contribution to the maintainence of bones and muscles at normal conditions.

(*) Ohara H., et. al. 2007. Comparison of Quantity and Structures of Hydroxyproline-Containing Peptides in Human Blood after Oral Ingestion of Gelatin Hydrolysates from Different Sources. Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry (55), 1532-1535

Good habits

Take care of your joints with products without raw materials of animal origin

As you already know, collagen is a protein, and until now, all the collagens that have existed in the market are obtained from biological tissues such as skin, bones, thorns or scales, which come from animals such as pigs, cows, chickens, fish, etc…and although there are certain vegetables and legumes that have a certain amount of protein, collagen is solely and exlusively of animal origin. Plants do not bind their tissues with collagen or use it in their supporting tissues as in the animal kingdom.

Epaplus Arthicare Vegetable is a food supplement that seeks to provide the same nutrients as collagen of animal origin, but in this case, based on selected animo acids and vegetable protein.
For you to begin to notice the benefits of Epaplus Arthicare Vegetable, you must be constant and consistent, and take it daily for a minimum of 30 days.
The easiest thing is to create a routine that suits your day to day life. For example, you can take it with breakfast and you can combine it with water. In addition, we have achieved a pineapple flavor that will remind you of the flavor of juice.

Do you want to try it?