Athletes' joints are subject to overexertion that may cause a progressive wear of the collagen on the joint and, as a consequence, pain, inflammation, and joint injuries. Are you an athlete? Find out how Epaplus Arthicare can help you

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Joint wear

A joint is the connection between two or more bones through cartilaginous tissue. Cartilages help absorb shock in everyday activities such as walking, jumping, and running. When the cartilage is worn out, bones rub each other, causing damages that may be chronic.
In the case of athletes, joints are particularly strained due to overexertion and the excessive repetition of movements they are subject to. Intense and prolong sport may cause a progressive wear of the cartilage on the joints and, as a consequence, pain, inflammation, and joint injuries such as arthrosis, tendinitis, and chondropathies. 

 These joint diseases are usually related to high level athletes or elderly people, but they are also common among young athletes (tennis players, soccer players, runners...) who take part in tournaments, marathons, and mountain races. 
Cartilages are basically made up of a network of collagen fibres and proteoglycans.

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6 good tips for practising sports for many years

1. Warm up and stretch

Before starting practising sports, it is important you perform warm up exercises to prepare your muscles, tendons, and joints for the exertion they will suffer. This is the best option to avoid injuries. Once the sports session is finished, you need to take time to stretch your muscles, so they can relax and return to their normal resting position. It is also important to make exercises that strengthen muscles, as joints may be injured when muscles holding them are weak.

2. Wear good footwear

Choosing good footwear is essential for taking care of your joints' health. You need to consider the type of sports, the terrain in which it is practised, and the athlete's physical characteristics in order to make a good choice. Our goal must be reducing the impact and strain our joints suffer when feet come in contact with the ground to the minimum

3. Watch out for overexertion

If we do not make sure we follow proper rest and relaxation periods, excess physical exercise and joints overloading may cause fatigue and injuries. The best option is to set goals for yourself that can be achieved, and modify these goals according to how your body responds.

4. Avoid overweight

Being overweight may cause a greater wear of the joint cartilage when we practise sports as pressure on the joints increases.

5. Stay well hydrated

Before, during, and after sports practise you need to be well hydrated. You can drink water, juices, or sports drinks. Hydration favours joints lubrication carried out by the synovial fluid while they move.

6. Enjoy a balanced diet

One of the easiest ways to prevent and keep your joints healthy is enjoying a healthy, varied, and balanced diet. Vitamin C favours collagen synthesis, the main component of the joint's cartilage. Foods rich in vitamin C, such as oranges, tangerines, strawberries, kiwis, etc. provide joints with flexibility and firmness. Also foods rich in Omega 3 fatty acids, such as blue fish, cod liver oil, nuts, etc. are beneficial due to their anti-inflammatory properties.
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